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Nov 7, 2022

In this episode we got to chat with Maricar Traballo, Employer Relations & Partnership Manager, and Meri Ghazaryan, Senior Manager of Employer Partnerships at Lighthouse Labs about their bootcamp programs that they offer job candidates seeking to upgrade their skills or switch careers. Lighthouse Labs is a Canadian-based tech education company specializing in data science, web development and cyber security, making online education accessible from anywhere. They have equipped over 40,000 Canadians with the tools to thrive in the future of work through hands-on tech education and projects. They provide career services for life as a guarantee to their graduates and help to secure placements for them with their vast network of employers. Maricar and Meri also discussed what it’s like working at Lighthouse Labs and the different ways they support their remote team with unlimited sick days, extra hours off in summer and winter and a learning fund to promote professional development.

Link to Lighthouse Labs: